The HIGHLight™ is great! I use it all the time. People feel the different energy that it creates when is in the space. My roommate loves it, too.


I just want you to know how these boxes have given me new wings, a new sense of clarity and power in the world. Earl and I were saying how since we've had 3 running in our home at all times, we cannot remember being unhappy for more than a few minutes. What other product can say that? Not just happiness, but many days of utter bliss. You've also improved our entire neighborhood.

Road Dog our 14 year deaf, half-coyote always puts himself in the center of any group of HIGHLight™! Because of his deafness and half-coyoteness we have always remarked at his incredible sensitivities. He always knows when someone is coming to our home, and what their intention is, long before our hearing dogs. He always knows when it's time to head to the ranch. And he ALWAYS knows that when the HIGHLight™ are encircled, the center is the place to be!


Actress, medium and creator of The Four Man Plan

Wow! What a difference. I love the feeling of being free all day. I work at home and tend to become ultra-sensitive to my environment. Clients do call in and now I don't even have to think about what may be coming down the lines. My HIGHLight™ takes the pressure off. Thank you ArchAngel Michael and all of your helpers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Patricia Zapatka

Energy Works

Archangel Michael's job is to help us clear away any lower negative energies including fear. I'm getting that this use of technology [the HIGHLight™] is to be used for good; clarity and guidance. They're [the Angels] saying that technology such as this is helping them raise the vibrations of those who are ready to be healed. This device has been divinely guided as a catalyst for change and I do get that Michael is a primary architect.

Tami Martin Dobbins

Angel Therapy Practicioner, Reiki Practicioner, Crystal Therapist

This story is about a little boy named George. Four years ago a couple came to me asking for help about their six-year-old child. The little boy was too thin for his age and i had the impression that the last thing left to do was to breathe. I was informed by the parents that suddenly one day little George stopped talking at the age of 3 years old. I asked if they had visited a doctor and they told me that none of them could think what was going on with their child. Their diagnostic results were saying that the child has no physical problems and there hadn't been any kind of an incident-like a shock that could cause mental disorder etc..- that could cause such a thing to him.

As days went by his condition was getting worse. He wasn't able to recognize his parent's, he was aggressive to everybody and he didn't like to stay inside his house at night. The only place where George could get some sleep was inside his father's car. The parent's took the kid to the village church to consult the local priest. He said that he could see a very strong evil spirit inside this child. Knowing all these, i started cleansing the child in combination with the HIGHLight™ and from the very first days he started eating again.

I went to their house and i immediately sensed all the negative and dark energy there. I placed the HIGHLight™ in the child's room leaving it there do its job for three days. In order to cleanse their house i needed 7 whole days! [The newer model will do this in less than an hour - Editor] But it was worth it! Little George is able to recognize his parents again, he understands completely what is going on, he is not afraid to stay alone, he has no problem sleeping in his room. I'm absolutely sure that all the evil has left him and his house. However he doesn't talk. It's a tough case and I'm still working on it. Let's hope that everything will be fine again for him.

Dimitris Zacharis


Athens, Greece

It has been my experience that even in tough and serious cases, the HIGHLight™ is one of the most valuable and helpful assistants that can provide you help in order to regain and maintain peace and quiet in your life. It can also be an amazing device to help you through problems in your everyday life.

Dimitris Zacharis


Athens, Greece

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