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Santa Barbara

It was on one of those days where it was so crystal clear that it appeared you could dive into the Pacific and without effort, swim to the Channel Islands. I met George in a palatial house perched on ocean front cliffs just North of Santa Barbara. His impromptu "office", framed by a semi-circle of sofas, was dwarfed by the mantle of a fireplace that towered over our heads. The bright afternoon sun strained to illuminate the immense room, through tall billowing curtains that partially veiled a spectacular view of the ocean.

The house wasn't his. In fact, this roaming surfer, ceramicist, inventor, medical intuitive, light worker, healer looked sorely out of place there. But it was where I first met this elfish wizard with the gentle, humble eyes. His prodigious wisdom and metaphysical adept could have made him the master of such a mansion, but his commitment to freeing humanity from the darkness that prevails on this planet, meant it was unlikely he would ever enjoy such riches. His prosperity was in the smiling faces of those he helped. He lived the adventure of being able to see beyond the usual scope—of being able to look into an individual's body and see what ails them and then research their history in the Akashic record to, perhaps, understand what led to their afflictions, be it karma, past life trauma, or other such kindling factor.

Humble in appearance and manner, he still had a presence that was as palatial as that house. I was there on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend of mine. This friend knew the owner of the house and it was through this association that the room was graciously loaned to George so he could ply his trade. The reason for her enthusiasm wasn't apparent right away—George wasn't one for “flare”, perhaps because he knew the results of his actions would dazzle on their own. I was, however, fascinated by the various gadgets and contraptions that George applied to the healing of various of my ailments. I made voice of my fascination and that's what launched a collaboration that spanned eight magical and productive years. I, the mildly clairvoyant electrical engineer, and he the Meta-physicist who regularly convened design sessions with trans-dimensional beings, whose “science” was way beyond anything conceived on this planet—together, we introduced a number of technologies to this planet, not the least of which is the HIGHLight.

George Tracy was not only a medical intuitive who could peer into the body and thus actually see it's ailments, he was able to manipulate energies and use the power of intention to promote the healing of some of those ailments. A large focus of his life was the pursuit of ways to heal those ailments he was witness to but unable to resolve with his own powers.

Early on, he noticed that a large number of those ailments were associated with “errant energies” within the energy fields that regulate and sustain our physical bodies. He spent a lot of time and resources developing ways of first creating a shield against these energies and then when that produced limited results he shifted his strategy to repelling them.

This pursuit exposed for him the ability to access the Akashic Record and to communicate with, and consult with, extraterrestrial and higher dimensional beings. This is the source of most of the technology being developed at Joyful Earth Technologies.

It was at this point that I joined his cause. I was able to take the information channeled by George during these sessions and convert it (or interpret it) into physical electronic devices, some of which are currently under development, and one, as mentioned before [the HIGHLight], which is available to the public. My arrival marked a third shift in strategy: actually removing these energies— essentially, dissolving them “in the light”.

As most light workers know, errant energies come in through cracks or holes in our energy body. The HIGHLight also works to repair the damage done by microwave radiation and EMF (from such things as microwave ovens, cell phones, weather radar, power lines, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, computers and computer screens, TV's, CCF and florescent lights, automobiles, etc.), which are the most common causes of the kind of damage that provide access to these energies.

Photo of George Tracy
George Tracy
[June 18, 1948 -
October 16, 2009]

The energy body can also be made vulnerable by certain drugs, alcohol abuse, physical injury, and emotional trauma and abuse. When these energies invade, they often hinder the healing of that ailment. It's as if these energies have intelligence and work to not only keep the “door” open, but to use the ailment as a mask to hide behind. This is why it is often so difficult to heal certain maladies—often why an alcoholic “falls off the wagon” so easily—why an injury lingers even after repeated medical treatment. When the HIGHLight removes the energy(ies), the injury or condition can heal because the energy is no longer there to exacerbate it.

George Tracy passed away on October 16, 2009, but he still communicates with us from beyond the veil, guiding our efforts and infusing us with this gentle, laughing spirit.

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