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How To Use The Thing
If you know anything about Rife Frequencies, you probably noticed how low, relatively speaking, these Helios frequencies are — around 9.5Hz to 35Hz for "B" and 4.8HZ to 17.5Hz for "P". Yeah! that's Hertz, NOT kilohertz!!. This is what the Jag makes possible. The high frequencies Rife used were destructive to the whole microorganism, leading to protoplasmic messes that can became septic. The very low frequencies in use in the Helios device, do not cause such destruction. They, instead do something to leave the pathogen inert, and no longer able to divide, giving the body's immune system plenty of time to eliminate them.
But how to know which Frequency/Jag combination to use? George, the guy that started all this, was a "Medical Intuitive". He could psychically "look" into a person's body and see what was going on, and what was going wrong. He commissioned me to develop the technologies that were handed down to him from "Off World Beings" — essentially, Etheric Engineers. So, he was able to see how the Helios Beamer [and the other technologies we developed together] effected what it was pointed at, and thus associate settings with those effects. Also, he was very good at using muscle testing as a guide to setting the dials. I have a little bit of that intuitive ability. I feel the settings as "bumps" — and I'm not the only one reporting this sort of "tactile" feedback [and, yes, I realize it all, is probably in our heads, but if it works, why not?
Before I developed the Digital Helios Beamer1, I used my intuition to set the Jag, then slowly spun the Frequency dial from min to max. Hopefully, someone, with access to a lab, and bacteria cultures, and a lab coat, will develop a catalog of Frequency/Jag pairs! That would be awesome! Hint! Hint!!
Once you have your Frequency/Jag combination dialed in. There several ways to target the boo-boo:
  • Point it directly at where it hurts — i.e. shine the Red light on where the painful area, or red area, etc.2.
  • Point the Red light at the palm of one of your hands. George could see meridians, and noticed that the meridian in the palm of the hand, carries the Helios Effect™ throughout most of the body. Infections more external to the body, such as ear aches, tooth aches and the like, might not be reached by this method [and you'll know soon enough -- at which point try the first method, above].
  • And, for really stubborn cases, you may need to get it within inches away from the infected area.
Working with my bad teeth. I find the Helios Beamer more of a preventative. If an infection gets hold, beaming seems to eliminate the bacterial issue, but there's still the damage done. I don't know a lot about the dynamics, there, but I find that a couple of Advils take care of the pain, and if I keep up a beaming routine, the pain usually stays away, swelling goes down, and the crisis ends after a few hours, to maybe a day, or so. So, something is happening. And, it, for me, has happened many times, over a period of around a decade!
NOTE: If it isn't a Bacterial infection, then the Helios Beamer™ won't do squat! For instance, it doesn't touch mold, or yeast or viruses or fungus3, so, if it's any of those, then, sorry, you'll have to seek another method.
Even MORE medical Caveat!
You probably saw the Disclaimer, below, but I just what to make it abundantly clear: We, here at Joyful Earth Technologies in no way suggest/advocate/imply that you consider this technology a substitute for seeking medical attention. But, if all standard medical avenues have been tried, and found inadequate for whatever is going on. Then, no harm in giving this a try.
Or, lets say you're out in the wilderness, on a hike, or whatever, and you wound yourself, or encounter an injured individual. After applying all available first-aid, or second-aid, or whatever aid is appropriate — in other words all standard medical options are exhausted — whip out your trusty Beamer and give it a try! It might be a limb, or even a life saver, i.e. to prevent infection from setting in before you reach civilization. And, say, help is on the way. Still no harm in using the Beamer to stave off infection during the wait. And, of course, this assumes this thing works for all the forms of bacterial infection you might encounter -- again, we've only done limited testing, so far.
Or, how about while you're in the waiting room? Odds are, the doctor is behind schedule, and you have nothing better to do, so, why not crank up the Beamer — who knows, the infection might abate before the end of the wait. In which case, you can avoid a medical bill, and/or give the doctor something to think about!
And, bottom line: Be smart about this, and own your own choices!!!

  1. The Digital Helios Beamer sets one of several "standard" Jag levels, and slowly scans through the range of frequencies, with a 3-hundredth of a Hertz, or so frequency step. In other words, it does a blind, automatic sweep, with the hope that one of the Jag/Frequency pairs will hit the mark. BACK
  2. The idea, here, being that where the Red light shines, is where the UV lights shine, and thus where the magic will occur. BACK
  3. We do have another device we call the "ULTRABeamer™" that has worked on viruses. And, George even, apparently, used it to treat fungal infections, but I haven't tried that, so can't vouch. I have repeatedly used it to knock out an approaching bug [still don't know the difference between a "Cold" and "The Flu"]. For example, just recently, I started to feel a soar throat coming on, and used it to make it not be coming on, anymore. And, many other pending cold/flu symptoms have gone by the whey side under the light of the ULTRABeamer™ It's even harder to use [it has 4 dials!!] than the HeliosBeamer, but if you're an intuitive, and have an interest, use our Contact Us page to shoot us a query. BACK