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The Möbius Coil, The Succor Punch, The Jag,

and how-do-you-do Dr. Rife

I'm going to make a rather audacious claim: That we, here at Joyful Earth Technologies, possess a technology that, utilizing mere light, coupled with micro-magnetics, has demonstrated some anti-bacterial effect — and this with zero electrical current applied to the body, or any sort of physical contact, what-so-ever! We call it the Helios1 Effect™, and we don't even expect you to take our word for it.

Try it yourself!

What follows is a full disclosure of the technology, right down to a schematic, a parts list, and a Gerber file set! But first, an explanation of the foundational technologies. Then, how we shaped it into something that produces the Helios Effect™, and finally, a sharing of the various ways we've used it — but I'm sure we've only scratched the surface.
Our reasons for opening this to the public are as follows:
  1. We have no facility to properly test this technology. No way to do the science, such that we generate something credible to offer to the scientific community to pique their interest.
  2. We see no way to stem the "Snake Oil rift". Our claims sound fantastical, and are drowned out by "scam-noise". But, your own personal experience can shout above the din.
  3. We feel despair, grief, horror -- anger, even -- when we hear of cases of acute bacterial infection, leading to misery and death, because current medical science is left wanting! We keep wondering if the Helios™ Beamer could have prevented the suffering/disfigurement/death, but we can't afford to risk a Draconian response from the AMA, or FDA, were they to get a bug up their butt.
Möbius Coil
A Möbius Coil coil is a length of electrical wire, wound in a very convoluted way, and, typically around a quartz crystal. Here at Joyful Earth Technologies we do it differently, and call the result: The Helios Coil™—more about that later.
Here are a number of websites that do a bang-up job of showing how to wind one of these beasts:

The engineer in charge of winding these flippin' coils [Photo 1] here at Joyful Earth Technologies [me, actually--so, I'm switching the narrative to first person], quickly got fed up, and designed a Möbius Coil Printed Circuit Board [PCB]. Truly, this arrangement may not be suitable for every application, but it excels at producing the Helios Effect™! Also, the guy that came up with this stuff [George Tracy] didn't follow convention in terms of how the crystal is oriented with respect to the coil [ass over toes on it's sideOh? Didn't you know crystals have toes?! ]. He call it the Helios Coil™ -- thus, I do as well]. So, rather than winding these monstrosities, I, instead, designed a Printed Circuit Board [PCB]. Photo 2 shows this PCB, along with an example of an "unconventionally" oriented crystal.
Succor Punch
When you combine a Möbius Coil, with a crystal [typically quartz, but other materials, apparently, have been used], you get a Succor Punch. When you turn the crystal on its side, you get what we call a Helios Generator™. Photos 1 & 2 are examples of this.
George preferred Tibetan Quartz with just a few graphite inclusions. Those became hard to find, so I tried "plain-ol" double terminated quartz crystals, and they seem to do the trick.
The Succor Punch is considered dangerous in certain circles, so, just in case, use with caution! The Helios coil, not so much, but, for Pete sake, don't blame us if you hurt yourself! Do any of this at your own risk!
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife
Back in the 1920's and 1930's, Dr. Rife established a treatment modality utilizing alternating electric currents at specific frequencies. In similar fashion to a soprano breaking a wine glass with her voice, these oscillations, known as Rife Frequencies, can actually shatter the little critters that make people [and animals] sick. But, one little problem -- the mess made by all those exploded pathogenic microbes often leads to sepsis--which is why the FDA [or was it the AMA] swooped in and shut him down!
Scalar [Waves|Energy|?]
Supposedly, the whatever-it-is, that is generated by a Möbius Coil (based on what turns up in a "Google search"), is something referred to as "Scalar Waves" or "Scalar Energy". OK...why not. All I know is, it works. How it works is something we don't claim to know.
Helios Effect
What do you get when you combine a Möbius coil, UV light, and specially modified low frequency square waves, slightly distorted by that little thing we like to call the Jag3? A new, non-contact Rife effect that renders Bacteria ineffectual, without causing the Rifian mess, thus eliminating, altogether, any danger of sepsis. By minimally modulating a couple of 420nm LEDs, via the magnetic emanations from a Succor Punch, lower, safer frequencies can be used.
BTW: We don't know how, or why, the pathogen is rendered harmless, but it is, with the happy result of allowing the bodies immune system time to leisurely clear out the stunned invaders, rather than it being an all out, major alarm emergency!
Up Next
On the next page, Helios 2 -- The Tech you'll find the things you'll need to build your own. If you have the ability, please do4, and then get on the Joyful Earth Technology Facebook page, and tell us what you did, what you think, what worked, and what didn't...etc. [trolls and haters will be managed].

  1. Named after the planet Helion Prime, from the movie: The Chronicles of Riddick.
  2. Not real diamonds [but, I wonder if real diamonds would work?!?].
  3. More about that on Page 2 -- The Tech.
  4. Standard boilerplate Open Source License.